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Day one at Rising Sun.

Fortunately no mishaps or missteps to report though some of my readers might have enjoyed the foibles. My day was spent driving as far west on The Road To The Sun as was allowed then slowly backtracking to hike and take pictures at just about every turnout in the road. There were many. My longest hike was 3.4 miles roundtrip to see St Mary’s and Virginia Falls. What the sign didn’t say was that there were many unnamed and beautiful falls between the two.

At one stop I found another car but didn’t see anyone near. It was a vista point without any hikes I could see. After wondering, for about 30 seconds, where the driver and possible occupants went I set up my tri[pod and started clicking away. I took about a hundred pictures from this vantage point hoping one or two might end up showing something of what I was seeing. As I packed up to leave I noticed across the road, hiding in the shade a man with his easel and paint brush in hand. I asked if I could see what he was painting. His quick “Please do.” Reply told me he was very happy to have someone see his creation in progress. It was no surprise he was painting the same scene you will see in my pictures but I suspect he has captured it better than I did. His name is Dave Mohalic and he lives in Missoula, Montana. He has been painting since he was a young kid and is now retired. Dave explained that he was one of thirty or so plein air painters in Glacier NP. I believe he said it was organized by the park. The artists were invited to visit the park for a week, this week, and provide two completed paintings for an exhibition in Kalispell, MT which located just west of the West Glacier park entrance. He of course hopes his is one of the works that sells during the exhibition. Shortly before I left him to his paints he realized he had painted a couple of things out of perspective from reality. I couldn’t see it at first, but he made sure I did before leaving. I left him to wonder just how he was going to approach redoing that section.

I took several other short hikes; two that stand out. One was Sun Rift Gorge where the water was crashing over rocks in a steep decent that was almost frightening standing as close as I was to the ledge. I guess my fear of heights has been lessening somewhat since so many of the places I have visited required standing close to the edge. That is if you wanted the picture to be worthwhile.

It was another great day. Thank you Theresa for this amazing gift you have given me.

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