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Driving Through Montana

This is just a quick post, yesterday I was in awe driving through Montana the first half of the day and then traveling in awe around West Glacier National Park. Driving and stopping, grabbing the camera, and then driving some more. That’s really what I did all day. I have some pictures of course. Today it provided too much rain, but too a 5 mile hike to Avalanche Lake and back. I hiked around the lake to where several streams spill into the lake. Someone noticed a three moving spots on the snow way above us. It wasn’t long before you could see they were bears. A sow and her cubs; but they were big cubs. They kept coming our way until the few who were still hanging around decided to leave. I noticed a couple that had just come out of the woods from where the bears seemed to be heading. The sat down to snack on something. I headed back their way and called out to them since they were on the other side of the stream from me. Once they understood what I was saying they, without hesitation grabbed their bags and ranĀ  across the icy stream. They were thankful for the heads-up.

Since I’m paying for my time online I can’t write more right now. Going back-country hiking tomorrow so you won’t hear from me for a couple of days at least.


Driving through Montana


Glacier National Park

6 comments to Driving Through Montana

  • Wow,… pretty nice shots there. My favorite one is image #18 in the Glacier National Park set. Very nice shot! It has been boring here without you and Randal here to go out shooting…..:(!

  • Theresa Cain

    Chip, these pics are just beautiful. Now I know why so many have said ‘you have to go there’. I’m glad you let those folks know of the bears and that you yourself were safe from them. Is that the first you’ve seen any?
    I’m hoping and praying that your backpacking experience is great one for you. Love you and miss you, and Happy Father’s Day!! To one great dad and Poppy :)

  • Daryl

    Some truly awesome pic’s Chip. Happy Father’s Day. Be safe! Daryl

  • Joyce Edmiston

    Breathtakingly beautiful!!

  • Gary- Hipfotoguy

    chip my daughter lives in whitefish near there… very cool photos. safe journey. gary

  • Gina Mumaw

    Chip – what an amazing eye you have! We live in such a beautiful country…..thanks for sharing all of nature’s gifts!!